About Us

Papers Pulp Haus


We design and create wonderful products made from paper.

Borne out of a lifelong love of stationery, from a working studio with a wealth of history in design and print, paper has always been at the heart of everything we do. It’s our foundation, our livelihood and our passion. We’re a merry band of paper enthusiasts as much as graphic designers and printers, we’d say. Still get a thrill when you take a pen to that new notebook? Or sharpen that pencil for the very first time? We do too. Spent all your childhood pocket-money in the art shop? Yep, we did that. That’s why we can, and will always strive to, provide you with the perfect tools to get your ideas down. Being borderline obsessive about the small things, our stationery is both temptingly tactile and stylish — to feel and to fill with your days, thoughts and plans. Beautifully-designed but ultimately useful. Made in the UK with as little environmental impact as possible, sustainability underpins all of our thought processes and decision-making – now, and always.

And so, bucking the throw-away trend of recent years, our products offer an enduring permanence and function ­— printed on exquisite stocks and presented with care and attention always. We are Pulp Haus.